How you can help tripleC to survive: Ask your Library to support Knowledge Unlatched’s Humanities/Social Sciences Journal List that tripleC is now part of


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Dear friends, authors and readers of TripleC,

TripleC has with effort and hard work survived its first sixteen years as a critical communication studies journal.  But its future existence is not guaranteed:

Given that it is a non-profit and unconventional journal that is not operated by a large commercial publisher, it is like all alternative media struggling about how to fund its operations. It is not easy for critical media to survive in a capitalist society. tripleC’s major cost factor is paying work time for copy-editing, proof-reading, generation of pdf and html files, and indexing in databases. Such work is time-consuming and should be adequately remunerated.  In addition, there are costs for DOIs, server space, technical updates and software repairs.  

In situations of insecure finances, alternative media often ask their supporters to donate money. tripleC is not asking you to donate money, but to please donate a bit of time to talk to the head of your University library or local academic library. They and you can help us. Here’s how:

tripleC was accepted to join the Humanities and Social Sciences list of Knowledge Unlatched (KU) for the next three years, starting in 2019. KU is a collective funding body for open access journals and OA books. University libraries supportive of OA commit to pay an annual amount to the collective body of KU-listed journals. KU distributes the pledged amount to the involved journals, which allows these journals to cover their publishing costs and to continue (or in some cases start) being published open access. It is a support that enables OA.

Libraries are mostly very sympathetic to open access, but also pay large fees for access to commercial collections which they often feel uncomfortable about, which is why they are very likely to support open access and to look into their ability to invest the relatively small amount it costs to collectively support the OA journals included in KU ($360/€300/£270 per library p.a. for a 3-year period).

University libraries can make a pledge of support until the end of December this year by contacting and

Here is more information on how the pledging works that you could forward to the relevant librarians:

You can do tripleC a big favour by meeting and talking to the heads of your university libraries to convince them to support Knowledge Unlatched’s 2019/2020/2021 Humanities and Social Science journal list and thereby also tripleC. By supporting KU HSS list, your library supports tripleC.


tripleC much appreciates if you can donate an hour of time in order to talk to the head of your Library about why supporting Knowledge Unlatched and tripleC is important.

Thanks a lot for your support.
Kind regards,

Christian Fuchs & Marisol Sandoval
Editors of tripleC
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