tripleC special issue: Critical Perspectives on Digital Capitalism: Theories and Praxis


Thomas Allmer, Sevda Can Arslan, and Christian Fuchs, eds. 2024. Critical Perspectives on Digital Capitalism: Theories and Praxis. tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique 22 (1): 140-433. DC%20cover.jpgFull issue: DOI: 

Table of Contents:

tripleC’s special issue on “Critical Perspectives on Digital Capitalism: Theories and Praxis” presents 14 papers and an introduction that contribute to establishing foundations of critical theories and the philosophy of praxis in the light of digital capitalism. In Marxist theory, a theoretical and analytical strand has emerged that is focused on the roles that knowledge, communication, media, digital media, and digital communication play in and beyond capitalism. This special issue is a contribution to this type of Marxian analysis and theory construction.

Table of Contents

Critical Perspectives on Digital Capitalism: Theories and Praxis. Introduction to the Special Issue
Christian Fuchs, Sevda Can Arslan and Thomas Allmer 140-147

1. Theorising Digital Capitalism

Critical Theory Foundations of Digital Capitalism: A Critical Political Economy Perspective
Christian Fuchs 148-196

The Neofeudalising Tendency of Communicative Capitalism
Jodi Dean 197-207

Digitalisation Today as the Capitalist Appropriation of People’s Mental Labour
Friedrich Krotz 208-231

Capital is Dead. Long Live Capital! A Political Marxist Analysis of Digital Capitalism and Infrastructure
Maïa Pal and Neal Harris 232-247

2. Digital Labour and Class

Building the Future? Software Workers’ Imaginaries of Technology
Helene Thaa, Mirela Ivanova, Felix Nickel, Friedericke Hardering and Oliver Nachtwey 248-264

Chained to the App: German Bike Couriers Riding into Digital Capitalism
Jasmin Schreyer 265-291

Involution, No Revolution: Technocapitalism and Intern Labour
Anthony Fung, Wei He and Feier Chen 292-306

Tracing Class and Capital in Critical AI Research
Petter Ericson, Roel Dobbe and Simon Lindgren 307-328

Writing Back Against Amazon’s Empire: Science Fiction, Corporate Storytelling, and the Dignity of the Workers’ Word
Max Haiven, Graeme Webb, Sarah Olutola and Xenia Benivolski 329-347

3. Domination in Digital Capitalism

Digital Commons for the Ecological Transition: Ethics, Praxis and Policies
Sébastien Shulz, Mathieu O’Neil, Sébastien Broca and Angela Daly 348-365

Understanding Racism in Digital Capitalism. Racialisation and De-Racialisation in Platform Economies, Infrastructural Racism and Algorithmic Opacity
Stefania Animento 366-380

Labouring and Smiling: Re-Imagining Digital Colonialism in Africa, Silicon Valley Big Techs, and the Politics of Prosumer Capitalism in Nigeria
Paul A. Obi 381-395

4. Democracy, Public Sphere and Digital Capitalism

Railroad Luxemburg: Rosa Luxemburg’s Theory of Infrastructure and its Consequences for a Public Service Internet
Charli Muller 396-412

On a Potential Paradox of a Public Service Internet
Elisabeth Korn and Jens Schröter 413-433