tripleC: Change of Subtitle

tripleC has after a consultation in its editorial team, board and publishing body in 2013 changed its subtitle so that its full name is now:
tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique. Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society.

This name expresses especially two circumstances:
* The aim of the journal to publish articles that critically (C3) analyse the role of communications (C1), ICTs, media and the Internet in the context of contemporary society's structures of the accumulation of money, power and reputation (Capitalism, C2), resulting inequalities and struggles for a participatory information society.
* tripleC's status as non-profit and non-commercial open access journal that practically criticises (C3) the capitalist (C2) form, in which academic communication (C1) predominantly takes place today and in which it is controlled by large capitalist publishers that commodify academic knowledge.

An editorial statement that explains these changes and the journal's focus in detail is available here:

tripleC welcomes new submissions in its areas of research.