tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique is an unconventional, uncommon, critical Open Access Journal for the critial study of capitalism and communication. By being open access, online and with the help of a special Internet indexing system, it makes articles available to a broad global academic and public audience interested in issues related to contemporary society. Contributors to tripleC retain rights in their works because we use a (by-nc-nd) Creative Commons license for paper publishing.

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tripleC is different from other journals because it encourages authors to publish unconventional and uncommon thoughts, critical ideas, and to think beyond the mainstream of science and society. It is also interested in normative and political standpoints because we think that academia is not a neutral terrain, but highly political. Therefore it is honest and important to lay open this character and to openly discuss it. tripleC is a communicative forum, we publish responses from readers to articles and are interested in generating debate.

We aim also at a democratic review process by encouraging open reviewing, a process in which the names of authors and reviewers are known to each other. However, also conventional double-anonymous reviewing is available as an option.

Interested in submitting to this journal? We recommend that you review the About the Journal page for the journal's section policies, as well as the Author Guidelines. Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting, or if already registered can simply log in and begin the 5 step process.

Besides peer-reviewed papers, we also publish reflections on current issues, political developments, reviews of books, comments on articles, discussions, interviews, etc that are related to the journal's mission. By this we aim to foster discourse about the information and communication age. Submissions for reflections are welcome. Please note that also all published articles can be commented by readers. For doings so, please register as reader to the journal and use the 'add comment' function that is displayed on the right-hand side of the abstract of articles.

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Non-Profit Publishing Fees 

`There are institutions and authors who have access to open access funding. When you submit to tripleC and you have access to open access funding that can support the journal's operations, please let us know at latest after acceptance of an article. Please contact when you or your institution have access to open access funding. Given that institutions that have access to such funding support for-profit journals, we also expect them to support not-for-profit journals such as tripleC when their members publish there. 

tripleC does not make page charges for articles with a length below the standard of 8,000 words (including references). To cover publication costs, tripleC charges an article publication fee for articles that exceed the standard article length of 8,000 words (including references) as of 13 December 2016 (submission date).

tripleC is a freely available open access online-journal using a non-commercial Creative Commons licence. This ensures a large readership and a high degree of reception in the scientific community. tripleC is a non-profit journal. 

Operating a journal within a capitalist society that is based on money and wage-labour creates actual monetary costs for a) the domain name, b) web space hosting and c) paid labour for copy-editing, layout, and online publishing of the article as pdf and html. (c) accounts by far for the largest cost share. On average, these costs amount to £120 per standard 8,000 word article that tripleC publishes. These are pure costs, and the journal makes no profit. 

During its first 14 years, tripleC survived based on private and institutional support and funding. This support is limited and therefore we need a way of funding the above mentioned costs a), b) and c). Therefore, the journal will as of 13 December 2016 charge a fee for articles that exceed the standard 8,000 words in their final version. We do not charge for the first 8,000 words. After 8,000 words, we charge €70 per additional 1,000 words and a proportional sum for any word count above 8,000. 

The charge is spent on copy-editing, layout, publishing and other operational costs on a non-profit basis. In case a fee is necessary for your accepted article, you will receive an invoice an be asked to pay via PayPal.

tripleC’s editors think that this is a fair regulation that a) tries to secure funding for tripleC on a non-profit basis, and b) allows authors who cannot pay the fee for articles exceeding 8,000 words to adhere to the standard article length.