Understanding Racism in Digital Capitalism. Racialisation and De-Racialisation in Platform Economies, Infrastructural Racism and Algorithmic Opacity

  • Stefania Animento Humboldt University Berlin
Keywords: platform labour, racism, migration, digital capitalism, platform capitalism, racialisation, Uber


Recent literature has argued that digital technologies reinforce existent inequalities along race, class and gender. However, the relationship between digital capitalism and racism is yet to be explored in depth. How does digitalisation rework social relations and social cooperation to produce new forms of racialised hierarchisation and differentiation? The article is based on an international project on platform labour spanning seven European cities. It focuses on the sector of ride-hailing in Berlin and analyses the interactions between processes of platformisation and (de-)racialisation. Finally, it shows how racism becomes infrastructural when platforms organise its circulation.

Author Biography

Stefania Animento, Humboldt University Berlin

Stefania Animento is a post-doctoral researcher at the Humboldt University of Berlin. Her work is about migration, racism, labour, and digitalisation. She wrote her PhD thesis on the access to labour and housing of post-2008 European migrants in Berlin. Further, she worked on the project “Platform Labour in Urban Spaces” (https://project-plus.eu/), which investigated the impact of platformisation on labour across seven European cities.

Critical Perspectives on Digital Capitalism 3: Domination in Digital Capitalism